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9Ways to Hell - a horror compilation film inspired by Dante's Inferno

Miriam Mayer


Miriam Mayer is a composer for media and multi-instrumentalist. Her compositions can be heard on every major network and cable channel. She has worked for music luminaries including John Williams and Michael Giacchino, on films including Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Saving Private Ryan and Ratatouille. She is a proud member of the Television Academy.

And she is a total badass.

Hear some of Miriam's latest work.

Joe Castro

Special FX Make-Up

Director, Producer, and Special Effects Artist, Joe Castro, born in San Antonio, Texas, May 17th, 1970, began his career at age 15 when he was hired to create special effects make-up for a PBS affiliate and graduated to writing and directing his own feature films, in the 80’s, when his parents invested in his career and bought him a portable VHS camera.

In 1985, Joe won the National special effects make-up contest in Monsterland magazine. In 1989, Joe moved to Los Angeles, California to continue his career in filmmaking.

In 1993, Joe produced and directed his first feature film, Ceremony, shot on 35mm Panavision. The film was an apocalyptic horror thriller. This film won a Silver Award at the Worldfest Charleston Film Festival. In 1997, Joe produced his second Internationally distributed feature film, Legend of the Chupacabra on his parents' ranch.

In 2001, Joe produced, directed, and created the special effects for the wildly, successful cult film, Terror Toons. This film has already spawned four sequels.

In 1994, Lionsgate distributed Joe’s 7th feature titled The Jackhammer Massacre.

In 2011, Joe released his multi-award winning film, The Summer of Massacre, which won him the Guinness Book Of World Record for “Highest body count in a Slasher film,” which is 155 kills.

Altogether, Joe has won over 46 awards in producing, directing, and creating special effects.

Since teaming with his partner, Steven Escobar, Castro has Produced, Written & Directed 16 feature films.

See more of Joe's work.


William Hoshal

Composer, Sound Editor

William Hoshal is an award-winning composer, orchestrator, sound designer, and recording artist. His music has appeared in feature films, television, video games, and on the concert stage worldwide. He has released and produced over 20 album projects, including the multi-awards nominated “Rumor of The Sun” (NAMA, IMA and GRAMMY shortlist), and been nominated three times for the Schallwelle Prize in electronic music.

Hear more of William's work.

Gil Ben-Harosh

DP of "Greed," "Wrath" & "Fraud"

Born in Israel, Gil Ben-Harosh grew up on a steady diet of American films and TV. After service in the army, he made the leap and came to L.A. to study film, completing a BA and MFA. Having his hand in everything filmmaking-related, he realized that he most enjoys being on set as a camera operator or cinematographer, and found it most rewarding to help others make their ideas come to life.


He's worked on numerous projects from short films and music videos to web series, ranging a broad spectrum of genres and styles from comedy to sci-fi and horror.

See more of Gil's work.

Ona Isart

DP of "Heresy"

Ona Isart was born in Barcelona in 1985. Raised and educated in this beautiful city, she was always fascinated by lighting. She studied Image at EMAV and the Cinematography Master at ESCAC in Barcelona.

Her eagerness to discover and learn more about her passion brought her to Los Angeles in 2015, where she got a Cinematography Certificate in the UCLA Extension (2016). Since then, she is living in this amazing city where she is growing as a professional.

She loves to work closely with her team and create the perfect shot to tell the story, express feelings and create beautiful images. Her philosophy is to take it slow, analyze, understand and create. Simplicity is the way to create the most complex things.

She has shot short films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. Additionally, her first feature film, which will be shot in the summer, is in pre-production.


See more of Ona's work.

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