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The Filmmakers

Nick Dragon

Prologue / Betrayal

Nicholas Dragon started skulking the streets of Los Angeles when it was nothing but tar pits and hippies. He writes, directs, shoots and edits narrative film.

He knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. He likes pie.

**Executive Producer of 9 Ways to Hell, and Writer/Director of the ninth segment: "Betrayal".**

Tai-Lynia Jones


Tai-lynia Jones is a Director of Photography born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. After serving eight years in the military, she decided to follow her dreams of working in the television and film industry. She is currently a full-time student at California State University, Los Angeles and will graduate with a B.A in Film, Television and Media Studies. 

Scott Richards


Scott Richards is a stand-up and improv comic from Chicago. Growing up on B-horror movies and Goosebumps, he fell in love with horror-comedy.

In 2015, Scott moved to Los Angeles to pursue an odd life as a Grindhouse filmmaker and on-stage goofball. When not in front of the camera, Scott loves working behind the scenes and helping his filmmaking community.

Scott always gets cast as the pervert. Look behind you and you'll see why. Remember to always laugh at what makes you uncomfortable.

Emily Louise Rua


When most young girls wanted to be veterinarians or princesses, Emily Louise Rua wanted to be a vampire slayer and horror movie hostess. Although she continues to hunt vampires in her spare time, she has pursued her interest in horror films, receiving a B.A. in Cinema-Television from the University of Southern California, and working as both an actress and crew member on various horror movies and web series.

She is also actively involved in many horror/Halloween conventions and film festivals in the Los Angeles area, including ScareLA, Screamfest Horror Film Festival, and many more!

See more of Emily's work.

Shelly Skandrani


Shelly Skandrani is a filmmaker from Europe with almost 20 years of film and TV experience. Starting her career on the stages of London as an actress Ms. Skandrani moved on to film at 16 with the co-star role in Showtime's Dustin Hoffman produced, holocaust film The Devil's Arithmetic.

Ms. Skandrani later got her BA in theater and performing arts at the top theater school in Tel Aviv, graduating as valedictorian.

Upon moving to Los Angeles Ms. Skandrani studied writing at UCLA extension and has been writing, producing and directing her own projects for the last six years. Moving into feature films in 2016.

See more of Shelly's work.

Dillon Wilson


Dillon Wilson is a visionary director / filmmaker with more than 10 years in the film industry. Starting his career as an actor and skilled stunt performer, Dillon attended film school and learned the craft of directing and producing.

Continuing his stunt training, Dillon became a highly trained and qualified stunt coordinator even starting his own unique “One-Of-A-Kind’ stunt team.

Dubbed the ‘Anti-Director’, Dillon delights in breaking all the rules and giving audiences movies, experiences and emotions that they’ve never encountered before.

“The only rule in filmmaking to never break is this…always entertain your audience”.
– Dillon Wilson

Dillon focuses his directing prowess on this latest horror anthology – ‘Wrath’

Learn more about Dillon at:

Alejandra Diaz Dominguez


Alejandra Diaz Dominguez believes there's nothing better than stepping out of her comfort zone, taking risks, creating and inspiring. That's not just the art of filmmaking, but also the art of living in the moment. Mexican filmmaker.

See more of Alejandra's work.

Deven Spencer


Originally from San Francisco, Deven Spencer went to UNLV, where he studied kinesiology and film, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking. Starting as a PA, Deven has now written and directed three episodes of the award-winning Chronicles (Best Screenplay (Web Series) at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival), and directed the short action-thriller Trash Day. Deven has already written a companion feature film to Chronicles, a new super-hero TV pilot, and is working on a graphic novel series.

Watch the award-winning Chronicles.

Derek Silvers


Derek Silvers was born in Wisconsin. He often writes words for actors to say. He sometimes tells actors where to stand. He is also skilled at taking off lens caps and pushing record buttons. Audiences have praised his ability to do these things in the correct order.


He likes movies and TV and cats and food.

See more of Derek's work.

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